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Wednesday May 6th 2015



Daily Right 6/15/11

*Unions Kill Jobs, by Matt Patterson.

*Begun, the flame wars have.: Pawlenty takes a shot at “Obamneycare.”

*When Government Jumps the Shark, by Walter Russell Mead.

“The Fonz could jump the shark and Happy Days would die a slow death as the air gradually leaked out of the show.  Much more dramatic things happen when a social paradigm jumps the shark. “

*“It’s not anti-Jewish,” says the creator of Foreskin Man, an anti-circumcision comic book that could easily be mistaken for Nazi propaganda.

*Hahahaha: Electric cars produce more emissions than regular cars.

*President Obama tries his hand at comedy, has his crony capitalists in stitches.

Because Great Depression 2.0 is such a laugh riot.

*The Art of Appreciating America From Abroad, by Victor Davis Hanson.

“Go to Europe and see the left-wing desired future for America: dense urban apartment living by design rather than by necessity; one smart car; no backyard or third bedroom; dependence on mass transit; political graffiti everywhere demanding more union benefits or social entitlements; entourages of horn-blaring, police-escorted technocrats racing through the streets on the hour; gated inherited homes of an aristocratic technocracy on the Mediterranean coast, Rhine, Danube, etc., exempt from much socialist and environmental law; $10 a gallon gas; sky-high power bills; racial segregation coupled with elite praise of illegal immigration and diversity; and unexamined groupthink on green issues, entitlements, and the culpability of the U.S. Drink it all in and you have the liberal agenda for an America to be.”

As always, read the whole thing.

*Why ObamaCare is failing.

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