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Tuesday May 5th 2015



Daily Right 2/11/11

*Check out this chart to see just how worthless and miniscule President Obama’s proposed ‘budget cuts’ actually are.

RELATED: 68% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of thebudget deficit, 32% are dumbasses.

*Shocker: Presidents lie.

*Social conservatives, or should I say, moral statists, continue to prove that they’re happy with a big, interventionist government, as long as it’s them doing the intervening.  Money quote:

“From the tea party crowd, we hear a consistent drum beat of smaller government, lower taxes, and individual liberty. The “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan has become popular again. But are these the fundamental principles that if applied will lead to greater freedom and prosperity? Is freedom best achieved when government just “leaves us alone?”

Social conservatives would rightly answer, “No.”

Up is down, black is white, freedom is slavery, yada yada yada.  Don’t you know that man, left to his own devices, is just going to fritter his life and money away on tranny hookers and bags of weed?  We need the state, (in the proper, Christian, hands mind you), to wean us away from our false god of liberty and direct us towards the proper, moral course of a nation.

Paging Mike Huckabee.

*Obama Must Go, by David Solway.

For Obama is driving his country into the ground, espousing a social and economic agenda that can only lead to bankruptcy and increasing discord. At the same time, his foreign policy has reduced the United States to an international laughing stock, empowered its enemies, and abandoned its friends and allies.”

Read the whole thing.

*Yeah, there’s absolutely no room for cutting defense spending.

*Amish convert arrested for plotting terrorist attack on military recruiting station.  Wait, he’s not Amish?  The deuce you say!

RELATED: Can American Values Radicalize the Amish Both Here and Abroad?  By Raymond Ibrahim.

“…a set of noble principles articulated through a fascistic paradigm can lead to abominations.  In this case, the better qualities of Western civilization are being devoured, absorbed, and regurgitated into something equally potent, though from the other end of the spectrum.”

What?  Not Amish again?  F*%k.  Read the whole thing anyway.

*Shockingly, freshman GOP members are actually doing the job they were elected to do.  Any bets on how long before they turn to the dark side?

*He who pays the piper calls the tune.

*Heh: TNR writer likens climate change skepticism to religious faith.  The irony, it burns…

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