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Friday April 17th 2015



Colorado Voting – Candidates

As arguably the most important election day in recent history approaches, it seemed important to put together what’s on the ballot and see if we can get some dialog.  Please feel free to post additional thoughts.

U.S. Senate

-Ken Buck (R)

-Michael Bennet (D)

My thoughts:  No brainer.  Buck is a solid conservative and his goal is to move much of the government form the federal level to the state and local level, and to lower the deficit.  Bennet has been a tool for the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda. Vote Buck.

House of Representatives CD-3

-Scott Tipton (R)

-John Salazar (D)

My thoughts:  Scott Tipton is a moderate Republican and has done a great job representing his district in the state legislature, so he defiantly has the qualification to do a good job in the House.  I don’t think John Salazar has done a bad job representing his district, but has too close of ties to the Democrat machine.  The advantage of keeping Salazar in office would be that his seniority and position on the House Appropriations Committee is somewhat powerful for Colorado.  Vote Tipton.

House of Representatives CD-4

-Cory Gardner (R)

-Betsy Markey (D)

My thoughts: Being from Mesa County, I personally haven’t researched the other congressional districts.  Any additional input on these two would be appreciated.

House of Representatives CD-7

-Ryan Frazier (R)

-Ed Purlmutter (D)

My thoughts: Being from Mesa County, I personally haven’t researched the other congressional districts.  Any additional input on these two would be appreciated.


-Dan Maes (R)

-John Hickenlooper (D)

-Tom Tancredo (ACP)

My thoughts:  Obviously, Maes doesn’t have a chance after his campaign finance violation and other controversies.  A vote for Maes is a vote for Hickenlooper.  Hickenlooper has not done a bad job as mayor of Denver, however, I do not agree with his stance on illegal immigration making Denver a sanctuary city for illegals which caused many problems.  He has also been accused of flip-flopping his position on oil and gas restrictions, and since a sizable part of the Western Colorado economy relies on the oil and gas industry, I can’t get behind a candidate that I’m not sure of his position on this issue.  Tancredo is a fantastic third party choice, in my opinion.  He has served in the Colorado House of Reps and the U.S. Congress, as well as working in the U.S. Dept. of Education during the Reagan and H.W. Bush administrations.  He vocally opposes illegal immigration and supports fiscal responsibility.  He was awarded an ‘A’ rating from The National Taxpayers Union every year he was in Congress.  Vote Tancredo.

Colorado Secretary of State

-Scott Gessler (R)

-Bernie Buescher (D)

-Amanda Campbell (ACP)

My thoughts:  In my opinion, Buescher has done a pretty god job the past two years.  He’s been both professional and bi-partisan.  An example of this was with the last minute efforts from the Republican Party to replace Dan Maes in the Gubernatorial race, Buescher held up the final certification of the ballots for longer than the law required to give the GOP additional time.  Scott Gessler is a Denver attorney and a staunch Conservative, working with groups including Coloradans for Change and Colorado Conservative Voters.  Because many important decisions fall to the SoS, I’m leaning Gessler.

Colorado Treasurer

-Walker Stapleton (R)

-Cary Kennedy (D)

My thoughts:  Kennedy has been our treasurer for the past 4 years and has kept Colorado’s money growing even through the up and down bouncing of the financial markets.  Her investment record beats most of Wall Street.  If you want a treasurer who you know can manage Colorado’s money superbly, vote for Kennedy, regardless of your party’s affiliation.  I’m having a hard time finding any credible experience that Stapleton is qualified for the state’s treasurer.  Vote Kennedy.

Colorado Attorney General

-John Suthers (R)

-Stan Garnett (D)

My thoughts:  Suthers has been our Attorney General for the past 6 years and has been regarded as doing a good job by both Democrats and Republicans.  Recently, his opposition has been accusing him of misusing his position, however, they don’t seem to be very substantial claims.  He joined the healthcare lawsuit against the federal government with 21 other states.  Garnett is the District Attorney for Boulder County and has been regarded as doing a good job and increasing the efficiency of the office.  Although I side with Garnett on some of his social issue views, his opposition to the healthcare lawsuit is a no go.  Vote Suthers.

Regent of the University of Colorado

-Steve Bosley (R)

-Melissa Hart (D)

-Jesse B. Wallace (L)

My thoughts:  I don’t know much about these candidates.  Hart is a current law professor at CU and Bosley is the current Regent.  Bosley stance is to continue to battle CU’s financial issues and strengthening the university’s enrollment.  Hart’s main effort would be to lower tuition cost making CU more affordable.  Wallace?  Leaning Bosley.

State Senate Dist. 7

Steve King (R)

Claudette Konola (D)

Gilbert Fuller (L)

My thoughts:  Steve King all the way.  He went to Mesa State and would be a strong Western Slope voice in the State Senate.  He is a staunch supported of reducing the restriction on the oil and gas industry.  Konola is originally from Denver and has a background in banking.  Fuller did not participate in recent debates.  Vote King.

Mesa County Commissioner Dist. 2

Steven Aquafresca (R)

Stephen Saint (L)

My thoughts:  Now, I haven’t been able to follow these these candidates closely, but here is what I’ve heard.  Aquafresca is the incumbent and has been somewhat criticized for seeing no problem with things.  I have also read that he has been criticized for not being willing to work with the other commissioners to get things done.  Saint has been both criticized and touted for saying that he is not a politician but an angry citizen.  Leaning Saint.


My thoughts:  I’ve done only a small amount of research on the judges.  Since my father in an attorney in Grand Junction and I trust his judgment, I usually take his word on where the judges stand.  He believes that the local judges, Gurley, Robison, and Raaum are doing a good job and should be retained.  Vote Yes on all.

The research I’ve done into the Supreme Court judges and Court of Appeals judges, however, recent decisions seem to indicate an activist nature rather than supporting the intent of existing constitutional provisions and holding up the Rule of Law.  Vote No on all.

I have declined to list other races where candidates are running unopposed.


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